Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can you apply evening primrose oil directly onto skin?

If I was to break an evening primrose oil capsule,could I apply the liquid onto my skin?What adverse reaction would you recieve if any?

Can you apply evening primrose oil directly onto skin?
I have EPO prescribed for exczema, and sometimes pierce capsule to use oil directly onto my skin - with no adverse effects.The only trouble is it doesn't smell very nice,and is quite greasy. However,if you are careful not to slip, you can pierce capsulesandsquirt them into the bath - works quite well I find
Reply:why the heck would you want to breaking a capsule is a bit much get a lotion
Reply:It is usually swallowed, and oils that can be ingested are also safe for applying to the skin. If you can tolerate swallowing it (that is you are not allergic to it) I would expect that you will not experience any adverse reactions.
Reply:Sure, you can. You may not get as much benefit of it unless you are trying to help one small spot of skin (at least compared to taking it internally).

The GLA (gamma- linoleic acid) in the Evening Primrose Oil is the part that actually gives the benefit and the skin doesn't absorb oils as well as your stomach would (short of any digestive problems), so just swallowing the softgel would be much more effective in this case for most people.

If you wanted the skin health benefits of the GLA on one particular area of skin (if it was heavily damaged, for example), you could open the softgel and pour it on.... but it's seldom people would use GLA for that (Vitamin E or Aloe Vera work better for that).

In regards to bolavo, creams are a cosmetic grade product that actually has a rather low dose of nutrients when compared to a softgel. The primary reason is so someone doesn't accidentally overdose by using too much cream.
Reply:The question IS... what sort of result do you expect? It shouldn't hurt you... unless of course you're highly allergic.
Reply:yes u can
Reply:It will do you no harm

By the way my cat has miliary dermatitis,,,vets prescription did nothing..on the advice of a random person,i now give my cat 500mgs a day with food.....his condition slowly improves.

To all the cat lovers out there,,,,over-preening in cats really can be helped by evening primrose oil...it really helps....and it'll save you £40!!

You want evening primrose oil for your complexion.please answer?%26gt;

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