Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Has anyone ever used evening primrose oil at the end of their pregnancy?

With my first child I went a week past due date and my cervix never ripend on it's own and they didn't ripen cervix before inducing. I endured 24 hours of hard labor. I was told that evening primrose oil could not only ripen cervix but bring on labor. I'm now past 38 weeks and the doctor says the baby is ready to thrive outside the womb so it would be safe for me to go into labor any time now. I've been doing alot of walking but can't have sex cause the father is overseas and won't be back for a long time. I've read up on primrose oil but am unsure how to take it. Some things say take orally but others say vaginally. How did you take it and did it work?

Has anyone ever used evening primrose oil at the end of their pregnancy?
I used it with my first pregnancy because my child was three weeks late. I applied the oil directly to my cervix. I'm not really sure if it worked or not. Another thing that I did try was Red Raspberry Leaf tea. You can find it at most health food stores. It doesn't taste bad either with a little sugar or honey. Just sip on it as much as you can.
Reply:I tried that and everything under the sun...nothing will work untill that baby is ready to make his/her entrance. I know it is hard and can be miserable...HOLD ON!!! Good Luck!

Some doctors will "strip" your cervix for you.. They will insert a finger and gently try to detatch the "sac" from your cervix. It hurts a bit and I had some cramping ....My friend had it done with both pregnancies and she went inot labor BOTH times within 24 hours !!!
Reply:see at 40 weeks they might give you something my dr did it was a string they put in me and it but my right in to labor
Reply:I took it with my 2nd baby and I think it did help. My 1st was almost 3 weeks late #2 was one day late. At this stage you can do both it won't hurt you but vaginally will give you more benifits.

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