Friday, November 18, 2011

How many calories are in evening primrose oil?

Like in a 1000 mg capsule? If anyone knows what the calories or fat grams are it would be helpful to know.

I know the oil is good for you if you're female and I usually take around 3000 mg a day in capsule form. and I don't intend to stop because it's good for PMT. But I am considering going on a diet and I can't help wondering about it!

How many calories are in evening primrose oil?
I'm pretty sure there are only a few calories per capsule (5-10). I used to take EPO because it's supposed to help regulate periods and with dry skin (though it did nothing for my skin). You can do a search for evening primrose oil and find the nutritional info there, though I'm sure there aren't many calories and no fat grams in EPO capsules. It's actually supposed to help with metabolism, so it will prolly help you in your diet which will make up for the calories. HTH.

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