Friday, November 18, 2011

When can i start inserting Evening primrose oil?

I am 35 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby, i brought the capsules today and would like to know when did everybody who used these start inserting them? I am not trying to induce myself i know that these will not do that as i used them for 38 weeks with my last pregnancy, just hoped to start earlier this time to help cervix soften etc

When can i start inserting Evening primrose oil?
I think it would be ok to start using them now. Like you said it doesn't start labor just softens cervix to prepare for labor.
Reply:Full term is considered 37 weeks so you may want to play it safe and wait until then. My personal experience with EPO was with my first child at 37 weeks I inserted one tablet into my vagina after attempting to have sex with my husband although he did not get to ejaculate in me because (his fear of hurting the baby )so we did not finish although some pre-ejaculation may have gotten in.... 5 hours later I awoke from a painful contraction and my water broke as i got up to use the bathroom. I am currently 36/4 wks and as soon as I turn 37 weeks will reattempt to use EPO since my MW says my cervix is really closed and posterior . My husband has gotten over the fear of having sex with me being so pregnant so it will be a double whammy to get things going. Best of luck to everyone with their labor...........
Reply:Not until week 37!

Then you can insert up to 5 capsules at nite, be sure to wear a pad as they can get quite messy.
Reply:I have never heard of this. Where did you find out about the evening primrose capsules?

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