Monday, November 16, 2009

Did I ask the question wrong on Primrose oil?

I don't want to go early but this is my 4th pregnancy and I had complications w/ my lastone leading to c-section. Evening Primrose Oil does not start labor it just helps thin the cervix which I have had a past of having to have cervix softeners after being admitted for labor. They cannot use the softeners for a vbac due to poss. rupture of the uterus. That is why I am looking into using this as close to my DD as possible. I just want to here of others who have used it and their comments. Besides castor oil can cause severe upset stomach and can even cause the baby to have a bowel movement before birth (meconium) again I don't want to go early just help me to have successful NATURAL vbac. Any advice?

Did I ask the question wrong on Primrose oil?
You can also take blue cohosh. It helps tone the uterus and makes birthing easier. Just take precaution on this as well like you would any other herb.

Make sure you get plenty of exercise. I read in my midwife books that to walk at least a mile every day. Swimming is also very good.

Do kegals.

Perenium massages are good to help prevent tearing.

Do you know what kind of incision and suture you had with your C section? The likelihood of rupture is quite low (1%) if you had a horizantal incision with double sutures.
Reply:If you had a 'bikini cut'... or horizontal cut , the chances of rupture are WAY opposed to the 'classic cut'.... or verticle cut. I don't see the problem of using epo.

.......... Good Luck!! ...........
Reply:EPO should be fine for you. It won't induce labor but could help to ripen your cervix. I am pretty sure that your caregiver CAN give you prostaglandin gel even if you are a won't rupture the uterus because it doesn't cause contrax...just helps to soften things up. BUT....prostaglandins are something your hubby can provide you at home without the doctors help. Semen can ripen the cervix and orgasm can bring on contractions.

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