Monday, November 16, 2009

Is there any harm in putting evening primrose oil on my penis and having sex with my wife to induce labor?

Our last boy was huge (10lbs, 15oz) and our "nut %26amp; berry" dr. wants everything to be natural so she won't induce until she's past 41 weeks (she is at 39 now). I've read sex and evening primrose oil are good for naturally inducing labor, so I figure both together might be better. Can that hurt anything?

Is there any harm in putting evening primrose oil on my penis and having sex with my wife to induce labor?
I would be cautious about allowing her to go to 41 weeks. My mother was at 40 weeks and the amniotic fluid was drying up. They HAD to induce her. Please make sure she is having ultasounds done and being checked regularly to make sure it's safe to let her continue on.

The evening primrose can be taken vaginally by suppository but I dont think I would recommend having sex with it. I would imagine it would be very messy and could cause her a yeast infection. I think you should also consult with your doctor about her taking the primrose because whatever she is putting in her body- she's also giving to the baby. I hope all goes well. GOOD LUCK!
Reply:just to b on the safe side ask either a midwife, Dr or even a pharmacist. its better to b safe then sorry. good luck.
Reply:I actually was told that you can insert those into the vagina. And they will disolve. It is supposed to help Overdue women.Become more dialated and hopefully start the labor process. by the way it was a professional Mid wife who told me it was okay.
Reply:nope nothing wrong with it.
Reply:Sex is always a natural way, make sure she reaches climax though. Not sure about the oil, I hear it works, I hear it doesn't, I hear it's safe and well i hear some just dont like it. Havn't heard anything bad about it, lets put it that way.

If that doesn't work, have her get up and start walking, even at this point getting up and walkign is the last thing she wants to be doing but walking is a great natural inducing for labor, it just takes awhile, yeah I know you want it to happen now. But it's a way.

I don't think it will hurt any, as long as she's feeling ok, go for it.

Good luck!

PS Some Dr's really don't ever induce, at my practice the only doctor that would be willing to do it was my doctor, and we'd had talked about doing it, I luckily went before, but still. It may not be because of anything else than what their practice does. If there's medical reason though, they'd do it, other than that they just won't... Why I don't know, some do , some don't. Stick with the sex,
Reply:EPO does not induce labor. All it does is help ripen and soften the cervix; and even that won't work if the body isn't almost ready anyhow. However, if your wife(or yourself) can reach, just check her cervix. If it is opening some and squishy inserting a couple EPO gelcaps before bed won't hurt anything.
Reply:The oil might irritate her already sensitive vagina. Don't risk a yeast infection. Sex will most likely work the best at inducing labor, it is recommended by doctors. So go ahead have a lot of sex. It works best if she orgasms, might trigger contractions.
Reply:The primrose oil is perfectly safe for your wife. If it is safe for her private areas it is for sure safe for yours. I say go for it and have fun. Just remember that having sex doesn't work for starting labor unless the women reaches climax. The climax makes the uterus contract and therefore hopefully it will continue to contract and induce natural labor.
Reply:Geez. The woman is about to give birth. Give her a break.

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