Monday, November 16, 2009

Tomorrow my 22 months old daughter starts at primrose school...what should I bring for her?

I have the following things all ready to go, and i just dont know if i am forgetting anything?? Please primrose parents, let me know! :-)



(3) change of clothes

Diaper rash cream


Mosquito repellant


Tomorrow my 22 months old daughter starts at primrose school...what should I bring for her?
perhaps some orajel if she is teething.

Bottle or Sippy Cup, which ever she drinks out of

and a jacket in case they go outside and play maybe.

if she has a certain blanket or a special toy that she is attachted to i'd send that.
Reply:What is primrose school?
Reply:a blanket and her favorite toy
Reply:The list you have looks pretty inclusive. You might want to check out There are great circles devoted to everything about mothering/parenting. It's very informative and supportive. Hope this helps!
Reply:I would send something that makes her comfortable, like a teddy bear or a blankie. Something that will give her a secure feelling.

Tarzan's Jane
Reply:I have no idea what a Primrose School is but something we like to leave with our son (16 Months) when we leave him is a photo of us and one of our dog. many people who have spent time with him recently (aunts uncles etc) said he goes to his bag looking for his pictures and is instantly happier when he sees us and his dog.

I think that helps his transition into someone else's care.
Reply:I don't know the school, but when my daughter went to pre-school we brought a little pillow and blankie for nap time.
Reply:Hon, does she have a favorite blanky and/or a favorite stuffed animal that she sleeps with? If so, send it along to ease her transition from baby to toddler hood and big girl school. It can be a frightening time for her, so be prepared!
Reply:did they do a background check on the teachers?
Reply:i work at a day care also, just not primrose. but i would suggest stuff for nap time, a blanket, something to cuddle with. you may need to provide your own sippy cups, unless you trust them to wash them for you (here in ohio, its a state rule that centers are not allowed to wash dishes in the classroom) i tell my parents to provide me 3 a day and they have to take all 3 home every night. hopefully your child is in pull ups and not diapers and hopefully they will potty train your child while in their care. and ask them to give you a copy of the lunch menu for the month just in case there is something that your child won't eat, you can then pack them a lunch. hope i helped.

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