Monday, November 16, 2009

Evening Primrose Oil for starting labor?

Has anyone ever used this during pregnancy to jumpstart labor and for swelling and high blood pressure. We are trying natural remedies for starting labor since I am at risk for developing Preeclampsia and then having to induce. I have gained 7 lbs due to water retention and swelling is out of control. I don't want to induce because I've heard labor is harder and could lead to needing a C-Section. I also don't want to use castor oil because I've heard too many bad things about the cramping, diarrhea and vomiting that will occur.

Evening Primrose Oil for starting labor?
First off...Constult your Doctor on ANYTHING you are thinking of taking!!

Remember, what ever you put in your body, your putting in your babys body!

As for the boating and swelling, cut down on the salt! Skp the tomatoes, celery, potato chips, Doritoes and Mac %26amp;Cheese!

These are "loaded" in salt! And if your retaining water, its best to leave these out of your routine.

Walk! Moving the legs gets the water moving also and makes it come out of your system faster...(I am a heart patient so I know about water retention!).

Coffee is a natural diuretic. It will bring water out of the body also.

Drink some cranberry juice as it helps the kidneys.

DONT INDUCE until the Doctor says its ok! To do so before hand, maybe detrimental to the baby! Keep in touch with your Prenatal Care Physican for all things!

I hope you have a beautiful bouncing baby (what ever its sex is),and that the rascal is healthy as a horse and grows up to be big and strong!

I wish you well...


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