Monday, November 16, 2009

Evening Primrose Oil - am I jumping the gun?

I'm coming up on my 3rd month ttc and a little concerned about having enough CM to get the job done. I bought some Evening Primrose Oil, but my DH thinks I'm getting ahead of myself and we should just try more foreplay. I'm not so sure that will even make a difference. What do you all think?

Evening Primrose Oil - am I jumping the gun?
I don’t think you jumping the gun! I have been taking evening prim rose oil and I love it! It helps with many other things as well! I would still take it! Do you know for sure that you’re ovulating? That would be first! There are several different herbs that you can take that help as well and teas too!! For the tea I went to a local store and just bought al the ingredients in bulk and spend less then $10.00
Reply:Evening primrose oil will indeed help increase CM! Personally I take 2000 mg of flax seed oil daily (vitamin-pill form). I also take clomid which has a negative effect on CM. You are NOT jumping the gun... I actually recommend it to any woman who experiences drying... CM is essential in becoming pregnant; once the semen is released it is YOUR CM that will carry the spermies to the egg. A woman's CM is made to mimick a man's a semen. Saliva is a natural killer of sperm... Also any lubricants such as Ky Jelly is NOT good for sperm. If you need lubricants the only known "sperm friendly" lubricant is preseed. Personally my man hates preseed!!! I dont' have any problems with it!

you are doing the best thing by taking a natural herb to increase CM! It by passes the lubricants!!! AND what your doing works! Take it everyday with your prenatal vitamin.. when ovulation time comes you'll notice a huge difference and will be able to say "I told you so! :)

BTW: I see someone posted robitussion - I did it also and it did NOTHING for me!!!!!

AND tell your man that CM and your "foreplay" wetness are two totally different things........... A woman's wetness to foreplay has also been known to kill sperm.. that is why a woman will avoid orgasm to increase chances of conceiving a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Reply:YES YES YES!! It made a difference for me. It increased my EWCM from one day to 3 days the first month I've taken it! It's natural %26amp; only about $5 at walmart so what do you have to loose? Good luck I hope it helps youlike it did for me! Baby dust!!

Ps. Remember to only take it from your period up to Ovulation...not after ovulation!
Reply:Not really sure on the primrose thing but on the foreplay thing I have heard saliva kills sperm if oral is a part of your foreplay. Don't know how accurate that is but I have heard it mentioned. Good Luck!
Reply:i herd if you take robitussin the kind that ses cough/expectorant starting after your period has stoped up until you ovulate that supposed to help with bringing more cervical mucus hope this helpes good luck im doing the robitussin too so i hope its our month baby dust to you...

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