Monday, November 16, 2009

How effective is evening primrose oil for labor induction-?

First let me say that my dr has given me the go ahead for trying some home remedies. i have done a little research on this and i do know that this WON'T induce you but just helps soften the cervix. How long should it take though ? I have a gel tab that is 1300 mg and one is to be taken a day. I was going to use them as a vaginal supository assuming that would work the best. Does anyone have details on this herb or any advice to give? any thoughts welcome :-)

How effective is evening primrose oil for labor induction-?
can cause pain fully contracions ,if i was you do it first thing in the morning ,and then go shopping do a bit of cleaning ,and things should kick in, it did for me, also acuter puncher ,[i cant spell this] really works well i if you are full term there will put you into labour, every one that i know has done it and it work withing 24hours plus you feel great,and it only cost around 20.00 to 50.00 good luck her are some other things that could work



castoil?be care full

swiping of the cervix

bumpy car ride

breast pump on nipples

and if no of this work go crying to doctor they mit book you
Reply:Do not mess up your system by using anything. If the doctor thought you were in need of induction he would bring you in and give you a proven drug in a safe surrounding.

You will give birth when nature intends, although I understand your impatience, its not worth the danger of introducing infection or a foreign substance into the birth canal when you just might have the baby while some material is still present, and that could lead to the baby getting an infection.

Its not worth it.

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