Saturday, November 14, 2009

How soon did primrose oil work for you?

I'm ready to help the process of my labor. The Dr. gave me the okay to use it.

How soon did primrose oil work for you?
Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) will NOT induce or start labor. It will help soften your cervix and help speed dilation once the time comes. Take it every day by mouth and once you get closer to your due date, you can insert a couple of caps vaginally before bed.
Reply:I took one by mouth and one vaginally 1300mg yesterday and got ALOT of mucus. so yeah it works to soften and dilate i'm sure. see i am getting induced probably on tuesday so i want things to speed up as well. the more dilated and effaced i become the better. so i was stick one up in there. but like the other girl said do it at bed time. you want it to stay in there atleast 2 hours. when you go pee you'll see smething that looks like movie popcorn butter then some brown. but that will just be the coloring of the capsule. you can also just put the oil . but me i just put he capsule on my cervix and let it melt. i was getting ALOT of BH too. so hopefully is done something. they say it works like sperm.
Reply:How far along are you?
Reply:I am trying it, but nothing yet. I have been taking it by mouth for 3 weeks now.

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