Saturday, November 14, 2009

If you put pop a capsule of primrose and put it on a scar will this help remove it?

I poped one and it smells a bit iffy but i guess dats ok. The ingredients say it has primrose oil, gamma linolenic acid and vitamin E... Will this help heal my scar? (the pill is for pms and healthy skin lol)

If you put pop a capsule of primrose and put it on a scar will this help remove it?
I had a couple stretch marks and I used the cold pressed capsules on them and they totally helped, they changed color really quickly (for the better)... since stretch marks are kind of scars, I would try it! It doesn't smell hot, but if you take a needle and poke a hole in it, then use a circular motion on it you should see results.

Hope I helped!


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Reply:Evening Primrose Oil is wonderful, along with the other vitamins you're using as well. My suggestion would be to make a small container with those ingredients but add Aloe Vera Gel and Lavender Oil to boost effectiveness. Your scar will look invisible.

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