Monday, November 16, 2009

What does evening primrose oil do for you as everyone says to take it to bring on lab our?

the bottle says not to take while pregnant or breastfeeding, why are people recomending it and what does it exactlly do?

What does evening primrose oil do for you as everyone says to take it to bring on lab our?
If you are far enough along in your pregnancy to take it then go ahead. It is supposed to cause the cervix to efface or "thin out". The bottle says not to take it because they woudlnt want some woman who is only 35 or 36 weeks taking it because she wants to have her baby right away. A lot of women take it if they are 38 weeks or over. I dont think it really works. The women i know who have tried it didnt go into labor any time right after taking it. Although apparently it has worked for some women because you hear people talk about it all the time. HTH and good luck with labor! I hope it is short and sweet for you!
Reply:Do not use this unless you are over 38 weeks pregnant. Cause I have heard that it will bring on labor but then again I have heard that it wont bring on labor. I have several friends that tried primrose and it never did work for them. And I have tried alot thing to bring on labor and it never did work. You wont have your baby untill your baby is ready to be born. But have fun trying anyways...
Reply:It's recommended to put it on your cervix or rub it on your hands. It has natural hormones in it that help to ripen the cervix and bring on contractions.
Reply:They say that just to cover liability. You do NOT take it until you are 38 weeks. You can take in orally or you can insert it vaginally. (poke a hole in the gel tablet and insert it. Put on a pantie liner because some will leek out. Put it in right before you go to bed.

It is not for bringing on labor. It is to help soften your cervix. Sex also does that. There is something in the mans sperm that does the same thing...soften the cervix.

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