Monday, November 16, 2009

Have you heard if Evening Primrose is good for a thyroid problem?

never heard of that. but perhaps the websites below may help. if anything, they will give you more insight to thyroid problems themselves.

here is some information about myself, plus some symptoms in case anyone coming upon your question may be interested;

i have low thyroid. if you have low's a great question to answer: can you see the floor of your house? that was what was asked of me at one point, and to my amazement, the answer was no!

anyway, the signs are:fatigue and lack of energy. Women suffering from underactive thyroid experience heavier menstrual periods. Sluggishness and forgetfulness are symptoms of underactive thyroid problem. Other symptoms of this thyroid disorder are dry skin and hair and constipation.

if you have high thyroid, or an overactive one, the signs are:increased body metabolism. This is followed by weight loss and excessive warmth and sweating. Persons suffering from overactive thyroid experience trembling hands, irritability and rapid heartbeat or palpitations. Women with overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism may experience shorter or lighter menstrual periods.

I take medication, and sadly will have to take 1 pill everyday for the rest of my life. there's a blood check that they will do to see if you have low or high. i hope i've helped you!!

Have you heard if Evening Primrose is good for a thyroid problem?
Evening primrose oil is good for providing phytoestrogen - which helps your hormones. A thyroid problem is one of your metabolism - the basic cause for most thyroid problems is lack of iodine in our diet. You can take a supplement with iodine added (general supplement) or take kelp capsules, or just add seaweed to your diet.
Reply:I have not heard.

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