Monday, November 16, 2009

Evening primrose oil capsules to start dilation?

In a previous question asked on here (about how to get dilation started) someone mentioned evening primrose oil capseules. I was curious to see what more information anyone had about this. Have you used them or know anyone who has? Do they really work to start dilation? Does it hurt the baby in anyway?

I'm almost 39 weeks and havent started dilating yet. This is my first full term pregnancy.

Evening primrose oil capsules to start dilation?
It order for them to work, midwives will tell you to start using them about 3 weeks before your due date! I tried using them to help me dialate because i was about 3 CM at 39 weeks and it didn't do anything for me! i took 1 capsule and inserted one capsule up by the cervix. Its perfectly safe and won't cause any harm to the baby or you. It of course feels kind of funny and when you stand up to go pee you might think for a second that your water broke becuase the oil will leak out when you first stand up...but its just the oil!!!

One person on here tried to say it would hurt the baby because it was a "unsanitary thing" to be by the baby.....

but uh....

one of the main ways to start labor is have sex isn't it? Im pretty sure a sealed capsule of herbs is much more sanitary than penis. lol

good luck!!! im now 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant....and im still at 2 being induced luck! it didn't work for me..but its probably becuase i didn't start it early enough!

Reply:i read a research paper that showed no differences in birth outcomes (length of gestation and length of labor) between two groups of women: one treated with EPO and one without.
Reply:it does not dilate you it is suppose to soften your cervix
Reply:That is what I have heard also that it is suppose to just soften your cervix. Also you will most likely go pass your due date.

Don't worry hang in there, it will be any day now. I always tell

women when they get to this point to just walk, A LOT !

Take care.

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