Friday, November 13, 2009

Any ladies ever use Evening Primrose for acne?

I have been taking two capsules (1000 mg capsules) every evening for a month and have seen nooooo difference. I have been on the pill for ten years, got off and am trying to regulate my hormones naturally (adult acne, moodiness etc). I see nothing changing. Any one have any luck with Evening primose for these issues?

Any ladies ever use Evening Primrose for acne?
I do recommend it for acne. It stopped my acne. It took quite a few months. I take the seven seas brand they recommend you take 2000mg for the first two months and then reduce it. There are people who take as much as 3000mg or maybe you just need to give it more time.
Reply:I have had good results with evening primrose for psoriasis in the past. For balancing hormones I would prefer Don Quai.
Reply:I have used Evening primrose for my excema and dry skin and it works wonders. I really wouldn't recommend it for acne prone skin though, because it makes your skin oilier.

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