Friday, November 13, 2009

Does evening primrose oil really help with inducing labor?

I heard this works but Im not sure how it works, or the amount I should take.

Does evening primrose oil really help with inducing labor?
Evening primrose oil (EPO) does NOT induce labor. It ripens your cervix.

Wash your hands and trim your nails well. Take 2 capsules right before bed and insert them up near your cervix. Some people put the whole thing in and others prick a hole in the capsules and just squeeze the oil out and rub it into their cervix.
Reply:I know that raspberry leaf tea is good if you are actually due. I used it for my second child and it also helps with bruising and bleeding post partum. It tastes pretty bland but is ok with sweetner or honey.Whatever you do don't take castor oil to start labour as it will make you really sick.All the best.
Reply:I know this might sound retarded, but I was having problems getting my labor regulated, and the nurse told me to massage my nipples.. It worked.. somehow it started the contractions more
Reply:i've never heard of evening primrose oil.....but i have heard that if you drink Castor Oil that it will induce you. True Story - one of my friends drank a whole bottle, went out and mowed her lawn and cleaned her house (just busy work) and later that evening, her water broke. good luck

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