Friday, November 13, 2009

Can evening primrose oil cause a miscarriage?

I have been taking it and wonder if it could have caused a m/c as my cycle is usually very regular and came 4 days early this month with bad cramping and heavy bleeding with clots. My bf and I are TTC and thought this was the month, until this happened. Any research supporting this theory? Is it just a myth?

Can evening primrose oil cause a miscarriage?
I am not sure if it has caused you to have a miscarriage but what i do know is that when i was pregnant my gynea told me to stay away from it as well as any other oils as they are absorbed into your blood and in doing so into babies blood as well.

I think that you should go to the doctor just to have yourself checked out.

I hope that this helps a bit and best of luck for the future. I am sure that your little one will be on the way soon.
Reply:of course not

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