Friday, November 13, 2009

When can i start usinf primrose oil for induction of labor?

I dont know if primrose oil is used as a "induction" med or whatever.. but dont be impatient. You wont be pregnant forever. Most "home remedies" are worse for you than better..

BUT if you are dead set on using something it would be better to wait until you are full term, so at least 37-38weeks preferably after 40 though!

When can i start usinf primrose oil for induction of labor?
I wouldn't try and induce labor.I did that with my 3rd pregnancy and it got me no where.
Reply:Normally, stimulants which can bring on a labor can start be to be used after the 37th week, or as near to the due date.If you are overdue, you can start now.
Reply:Go to a hospital to get it done!
Reply:You don't.

Why is every second person on here trying to kick start their labour before their body and baby are ready? Have some patience, please!!
Reply:After 37 weeks, but please find out all the possible side effects first. Those things don't always work... you'll just have to be patient.
Reply:i used it on the 16th and 17th then on the 17th my water broke. everyone tells you to just wait and all that crap its bs primerose oil isn't going to hurt you i read and read and read until i couldn't stand to look at the computer anymore. if it was bad for you they wouldn't have it out to take. its safe to use to induce lots of midwives recommend it.
Reply:It is just an herbal supplement. It's almost like taking vitamin E. It doesn't work miracles. It helps soften the placenta, but it won't make you go into labor if your body isn't ready. I started to take it three to five times a day two weeks before my due date and ended up being induced two weeks after my due date, go figure. (I just tried to find research about dangerous side effects and I wasn't able to find anything except research on mixing it with other medications.) If anyone knows of any sites discussing health risks with it I would be interested to read it.
Reply:primrose is a pretty dangerous herb to use it damages your body and brain sometimes longterm, i could only imagine what it would do to a little baby. if you have to induce use a different herb. or just have your doc induce you.

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