Friday, May 21, 2010

Do Evening Primrose Oil harmful to pregnancy?..?

I'm having Evening Primrose Oil all the way, if I get pregnant %26amp; I don't know for the whole mth, will the Evening Primrose Oil effect my baby?.. Does it harmful to the baby?..

Do Evening Primrose Oil harmful to pregnancy?..?
Evening Primrose Oil is often taken in late pregnancy to help prepare for giving birth. Normal dose is up to 1000 mg.

If you're concerned about your health it's always best to consult a medical doctor.
Reply:I'm not sure. If you are planning on getting pregnant talk to your doctor about any medications or herbal suppliments that you may be taking. Some can be fatal to a embryo.
Reply:No... I took evening primrose oil to help my menses reguarise and got pregnant thereafter... I stopped after a week of finding out I was pregnant..

However, I have read that evening primrose oil taken at later stage of pregnancy can induce labour... so you may want to stop now...

dont worry... cause your worry is whats going to cause harm to the baby... just relax its ok to stop now....

Take care.

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