Friday, May 21, 2010

Positive results from using EVENING PRIMROSE OIL???

I was planning on using evening primrose oil to ripen my cervix for birth... but when I read the bottle, the warnings kinda scared me. Who here has taken it, and had positive results? If so, how many capsules did u take, and how long did it take to work?

Positive results from using EVENING PRIMROSE OIL???
I used it with babies #2 and #3. Wondering what was on the bottle that scared you?

I used 2 capsules vaginally every night at bedtime in the final couple of weeks of my pregnancies. Start it about about 37 weeks.

DO NOT use blue or black cohosh without the direct supervision of a caregiver who is experienced with the use of herbs and pregnancy.

I am not aware of any risks to using EPO in late pregnancy.
Reply:I didnt use it I had sex alot and i was 90% effaced at an early 31 weeks. What put me into labow was walking for and hour and a half AFTER the doc stripped my membranes. Went into labor 6 hours after that.
Reply:I read the warning before too and they scared me as well. I then heard about Red Rasberry Leaf tea. This sounded much safer. Much easier to use and yummy too. Maybe give that a try. You can find it in health stores or the organic section of the super market.
Reply:If your term is up then black cohosh is good for ripening the cervix. Talk to your health care provider first however as there can be risks.

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