Friday, May 21, 2010

Has any one been to primrose valley haven holiday park?

what were your thoughts about it ?

Has any one been to primrose valley haven holiday park?
Not been to Primrose Valley but went to Hopton and that was a good holiday, kids loved it.
Reply:i went for several years ( 17 to 25 years old) loved it , my best years, during the days get yourself out and visit the surrounding areas , but be back the night live , everybody is your friend,
Reply:It is a very large caravan site - it caters for all the family - young and old, it is run by Bourne Leisure (Haven). Has most facilities on the park - there is a lot of development going on next to the park and road works near to the park. There are buses running into Bridlington and Scarborough on the hour, they also call at Filey and other camp sites.

Personally I find it too big of a park - but at the end of the day it is personal choice.
Reply:I went a few years back, it was a great places with lots of facilities then. I loved it Plus there is lots to see outside as well.
Reply:went 10 year ago it was very good for children under 12, very large you wouldn't really want to let the out of sight, otherwise plenty for them to do and plenty of night club entertainment. May have changed by now.
Reply:yes went a couple of months ago it was good kids enjoyed it

but the fish shop on the site near the pub was not nice at all

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