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Fertility Blend, Evening Primrose Oil and Folic Acid?

I have been ttc for 16 months now. Yesterday I purchased Fertility Blend, EPO and folic acid. Does anyone know anything about any of these products? Has anyone used them? Any success stories? I have already started taking the folic acid. I know I cant take the EPO until my next menstural cycle....from period until O then stop...but what about fertility blend...that is my main concern? And has anyone used EPO and actually seen an abundance more of cervical fluid? Thanks in advance

Fertility Blend, Evening Primrose Oil and Folic Acid?
I was looking for an herbal substance to help my fertility, and I did a lot of research into all of them. I settled on Vitex.

I got capsules of it for cheap off eBay, and after 5 days on it I was having a little relief. I've been on it for 3 weeks now, and I'm definitely seeing a change. Plus, I found lots of success stories!

Good luck!
Reply:EPO as a daily supplement (usually 500mg 3x/day) can be beneficial not only to your general health but in creating a more suitable cervical mucus environment for sperm. Most docs/midwives don't recommend using more than 500mg/day EPO during pregnancy until the last month because it helps your body produce the prostaglandins (i probably didn't spell that correctly) necessary to ripen the cervix for labor. Folic acid is also needed daily, pregnant or not, but during pregnancy its especially essential in preventing birth defects, and most docs suggest a daily supplement of folic acid at least a few months before conception. I personally know nothing about fertility blend. One thing though-EPO gave my sister slight headaches (none for me) and has been known to soften stools. Another 'suppplement' that i have found is great during pregnancy (when you do conceive) is red raspberryleaf tea-great for uterine health and nausea. GOOD LUCK!!!!
Reply:From what I know:

Evening primrose oil is helpful for cervical mucous.

Folic Acid is a good idea to take when trying to conceive and definitely during pregnancy because it is known to help your reproductive organs and during pregnancy it prevents neural tube defects and helps aid brain development.

Fertility Blend does work, but you should stop the folic acid while taking it because Fertility blend is basically a very high dosage pre-natal vitamin with chaste-berry herb in it which is also shown to help reproductive organs in studies. There are also green tea extracts in Fertility Blend which is known to be a good anti-oxidant and also helps cervical mucous.

My sister in law used Fertility Blend after many miscarriages and learning she had a luteal phase defect. The Fertility Blend regulated her cycles and she was pregnant within 3 months of using it. She carried the baby to full term and delivered a perfectly healthy child. She has since conceived and given birth to another full-term (overdue) beautiful baby boy all within the last 2 years.

Try this way....The best way to not miss ovulation is to throw out the thermometers and begin having sex every other day between days 9-22 of your cycle. Have your partner abstain from any ejaculation on the day in between to rebuild his sperm count whether he has a problem or not. (Fertility Blend is also available for men)

Sperm can live in your body under the right conditions anywhere from 3 days to 1 week and by having sex every other day through most of your cycle, you are guaranteeing that you will have sperm available for that egg. Try to lay still for at least 10-15 minute after sex with your knees up.

You should definitely be having sex before, during and after ovulation.. basically all month long.. no chart can tell you exactly when ovulation happened or is about to happen..its a guide if that..if your cycle is not perfect the method is not going to work and many things such as fever, illness, infection can alter your temps and mucous. Forget about charting and have a lot of sex all month long. when trying to conceive there is no such thing as too much sex. ( All the information regarding charting came from my fertility specialist.. and I did read the book Taking Charge of Your well used the software and tried the method before I knocked it)

Lots of dust!

Hope this helps you!

Note: some manufactures call Chaste-Berry "Vitex" or Chaste-Berry Fertility Blend will help you.

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