Friday, May 21, 2010

Primrose question?

Bought 2 small primroses...they r indoors ...and blooming... container too small can i transplant them while blooming into larger containers and will they continue to bloom if i pinch off the old blooms?

Primrose question?

You can go ahead and pinch off the old blooms and put the plants into a larger size container. Make sure you use a light weight potting soil and you can also add some vermiculite and humus to the soil. Mix some warm water with the other ingredients as this will help the root systems tranpslant better. Make sure you give the plants enough sunlight as well as water, but don't over water.

If you plan on putting the plants outside, they do spread and can take over a garden. I recommend to my clients if they want to keep Primose contained, to plant in larger planters and use as an accent. I have grown Primrose from seed and transplanted out into a garden and it has taken over the garden. If you have an open space outdoors, go ahead and plant the Primrose and you will have a beautiful landscape area.

I will link you to the site map of my website. This page has everything that is on the website. Browse through and see if you can find some more information that may be of help to you in working with your Primrose or any other landscape project. If you would like some further ideas, please feel free to contact me at the website. Good luck to you and have a great day!


Reply:Yes, but they would thrive better if outdoors. also if they are large enough plants you could split them. When you have them out of their current pots, take a knife and slice straight through from top to bottom. sounds a bit drastic, but they will recover.

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