Friday, May 21, 2010

Evening Primrose Oil and inducing labor?

Has anyone used this method? How safe is it? Where can you get the oil? Here is a website for those of you who like me never heard of it before:


Evening Primrose Oil and inducing labor?
EPO doesn't induce labor. It ripens the cervix but does not cause contractions.

Yes, I used it in 2 of my 3 pregnancies to help prepare my cervix.
Reply:My sil's midwife gave this to her, she didnt have any side effects its complety safe. But it didnt do nothing for her she took for 2 1/2 weeks strat to try and get into labor and nothing..

It boils down when baby is ready it will come. =)
Reply:I took it, didn't work. My cervix was hard as a rock and I was induced.
Reply:Im not sure about that kind of oil. My friend took some castor oil to induce her labor because she was 10 1/2 months and the doctors wouldnt induce her. She said it was disgusting but it worked. So I would becareful with oils like that in general.
Reply:Don't do any of the oils. that's not good for you or the baby. If you want to get things moving try something natural like intercourse or nipple stimulation.
Reply:Please don't try to induce your labor yourself...I did and all it got me was 32 hours of labor and a c-section. Your baby will come when it is ready or when your doctor decides it's ready. Good Luck, but please don't induce yourself! I had my only child by c-section and if we have more children, I'll have to deliver by c-sec as well and I will never be able to experience a vaginal birth because of the risk of my incision rupturing! I didn't try the primrose oil, I did try just about everything else though. It will be over with soon enough, don't rush it!
Reply:I found this tidbit thought it was interesting see link below"Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not use this herb." You can find this quote under: Are There Any Possible Problems or Complications?
Reply:I've tried it all 3 times I've been pregnant, it didn't do anything the first time, it seemed to dilate me slightly faster the 2nd time, and it hasn't helped me dilate any faster this time...

My personal opinion is that nothing helps until the baby/your body are ready.

If you really want to try it though you should be able to find it at wal-mart or pretty much anywhere with a selection of vitamins. I got my bottle at wal-mart for like $5.
Reply:I started using it at around 39 weeks. My midwife told me it was completely safe. I used gel capsules (available at health stores, supermarkets etc) , taking 2 orally in the morning with breakfast, and puncturing 2 more with a needle and inserting them at night. I really have no idea whether or not they worked, my daughter was born 9 days late. Hope this helps :)

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