Friday, May 21, 2010

How long does it take for evening primrose oil 2,000 mg daily by mouth to work?

i am 37 1/2 weeks the baby is very big see causes my legs to go numb sharp pains down my legs i have fell many times becuase my legs gave out with her laying on my nerves

How long does it take for evening primrose oil 2,000 mg daily by mouth to work?
Softening your cervix will not cause labour, though it can make labour faster.

Please consider seeing a chiropracter. They may be able to help with the numbness. At the very least a chiropractor can make sure that the baby is in the optimal position.
Reply:I agree with the other posters.

I was on EPO when I conceived my last baby, and my doctor told me not to take it until after the baby.

I'd see my doctor right away for some further advice.

I'm sorry for the pain you are having; it sounds awful.

Good Luck.
Reply:Why are you taking so much? I have never heard of taking this much while pregnant for relief of pain. I think you got some bad advice somewhere. There are many things you can do to help relieve the nerves and pain and the position of the baby without taking that stuff. Get on your bed on all fours. (like a dog). Gently rock back and forth with your head down and your elbows bent down to the bed. Do this for about 30mins each day and this helps the baby transition to another position and hopefully off your nerves. Good luck and get off that stuff!
Reply:you need to be talking to your doctor about the leg problems. if the baby is really that big they will induce you early. there is nothing that you can take to induce labor yourself. everything you hear about are just old wives tales.
Reply:EPO won't induce your labor. It will make your cervix softer and dilate easier once it's time tho. No harm in taking it. But as for your nerve pain, get to a chiropractor and get that baby aligned better. If you can't, try homeopathic Pulsatilla and see if that gets your little one to move and give you some relief. Not much longer now!
Reply:You should see the doctor. This sounds serious and not like something you should be treating on your own. Plus, taking essential oil orally can be dangerous; they go rancid very easily and could be more damaging to your baby than the nerve thing. I undersand and respect the idea of trying to stay hollistic, especially when your pregnant, but this is something that might need a doctor. Plus, you falling down at this stage in the game could really cause some long term damage. Good luck, and Congratulations

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