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Does evening primrose oil make u put on weight?

ive been taking these evening primrose capsules for my skin but i seem to have put on a bit of weight do u think thats a cause of these capsules?

Does evening primrose oil make u put on weight?
Like any fat or oil, Evening Primrose Oil contains 9calories per 1g. Most capsules don't even contain this much, so with a recommended intake of 2000calories each day (for a woman), this won't make any difference.

The benefits of EPO are mainly from the vitamin content (vitamin E), known for it's good effect on skin, it may also help with PMT!

For an even healthier approach, you might consider not taking a supplement at all, but including a handful of seeds (sesame, linseed, sunflower and pumpkin) with your cereal in the morning instead-this is the best way to get all the benefits of these seed oils in the freshest way possible...make sure you chew them well, as they may pass through your body undigested otherwise.

Dontget paranoid dont worry ok!,

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Reply:Many claims were made about 20 years ago for epogram,evening primrose, the active ingredient of which is gamolenic acid. Unfortunately in practise results were very disappointing and the licence to use it for eczema was withdrawn about 10 years ago. The myth however persists and you will see wild claims made once more. I was surprised to see even some of the natural remedies gang accept it is of little benefit!

I am afraid this means you are wasting your time anyway.
Reply:I don't think so. I also use it but I haven't put on weight when i started it 3 years ago.
Reply:I dont think it makes you put on weight i used to take them and can honestly say i never put on weight
Reply:No it doesnt, if anything it makes you lose weight.

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