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If I insert eveing primrose oil (capsule form) every night?

will the capsule dissolve by morning, or will I have to take the pill out?

How many do I use a night ( full term pregnancy)

If I insert eveing primrose oil (capsule form) every night?
Evening primrose oil is a commonly used method of naturally preparing the body for labor. It does not directly induce labor, as commonly believed. Evening primrose oil acts as a prostaglandin, which ripens and softens the cervix. The ripening of the cervix can help the baby’s head engage deeper into the pelvis, which can help with dilation. Ripening the cervix can cause some of the contractions that start labor. Sometimes, though, these contractions are simply Braxton-Hicks contractions, which help prepare the body for labor, but do not mean you are in active labor yet. Ripening the cervix can help trigger the onset of labor, but it is unlikely that evening primrose oil will bring on labor in a woman whose body is not otherwise ready. Even if you end up having to induce labor, using evening primrose oil in the days and weeks prior to induction can still be beneficial. When the cervix has been ripened and softened, induction has a much higher rate of being successful. The ripening of the cervix may even aid in making labor faster and easier.

Evening primrose oil is a less invasive method of triggering labor, so it can be used earlier in the pregnancy than some other methods. As soon as 34 weeks, evening primrose oil can be taken orally. It is generally recommended to take two 500mg capsules a day until 38 weeks. At that time usage can be increased to 3-4 capsules per day. An entire capsule can also be inserted vaginally. It is best to do this before bed, so the capsule can dissolve while you sleep. You can also use the oil during perineal massage, and massage it on the cervix as well. Applying the oil directly to the cervix will produce the best results, but the ingredients in evening primrose oil can also be absorbed through the external skin or stomach.

The body can be stubborn, and even when using all the natural methods of inducing labor that are available, you still may not go into labor right away. The most important thing you can do is relax, since stress itself can delay or even stall your labor. Unless there is a medical reason to worry, don’t be concerned if your due date has come and gone. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, your body and your baby are preparing for labor to begin.
Reply:at first i used 2 capsules inserted. a few times i did three. they should be disolved by morning, however you might want to wear a thin pad because of some of the extra oil leaking out. if there is anything left of the pill b morning, dont try to get it out. it will either come out on its own, or it will continue to absorb.
Reply:Yeah, I agree with PP, why are you inserting it and what is it for? I know the EPO is used to GET pregnant, why do you need it while pregnant.

EDIT: I read the second post...I didn't know this!! I'll have to try that later in my pregnancy.
Reply:were are you Inserting this capsule?
Reply:The capsule will dissolve on its own in most women.

Ripening the Cervix with Borage Oil or Evening Primrose Oil

I put some borage oil on my glove (with my client's informed consent) and did an exam. I didn't strip the membranes and could not even reach the cervix because it was too far posterior. Those who are overdue ( or even before if desired) can take a capsule at night orally and put one in the vagina to melt.

Apparently Borage seed oil works because the GLAs have prostaglandin precursors which start labor. Black currant seed and Evening Primrose are other options that supposedly work too but have fewer GLAs and may be cheaper to purchase.

I usually squirt Evening Primrose on to my fingers and separate the cervix from the membranes, making sure to get the oil all over the cervix. Then I sometimes just put one or two capsules into the vagina. They dissolve there. I wouldn't do that at a hospital birth however, because The MD might be shocked to see those little capsules born with the baby!

I have good success with using EPO with VBAC mums. One went from unripe cervix to delivery 6 days later. I get them to use an oral dose of three 500 mg caps/day.

Evening Primrose Oil acts as a prostaglandin, which ripens or softens the cervix. It's also useful for softening scar tissue from abortions or IUD damage. This will soften/ripen the cervical tissues and increase the flexibility of the pelvic ligaments. This will help the baby to deeply engage in the pelvis. This early application of the baby's head will assist with dilation and should result in a relatively easy birth, even after multiple C-sections for "stalled" labor. Evening Primrose Oil may be helpful for women with borderline pelvises as well. The utilization of Evening Primrose Oil seems to enhance the complex set of biochemical messages that initiate labor.

You can take evening primrose oil, orally, in the last four weeks of your pregnancy. You should take three evening primrose oil capsules daily for the first week (36th week of gestation) and then one to two capsules a day for the last three weeks of pregnancy.

2X/day oral and suppository starting at your due date or the week before, check with your midwife first.

My midwife told me to take Evening Primrose oil (gel-caps) 3X's per day and to insert 2 in the vagina at bedtime--you must stay laying down or else they fall out.

Evening Primrose oil can soften the cervix. My midwife recommends taking 3 capsules per day for the last 4 to 6 weeks. However, it doesn't START labor, only prepares the cervix. It is not an emmenagogue or get more oxytocin into your system.

My friend's doctor said you should never insert anything into the vaginal canal. My friend used it and got an infection and a bad irritation to inserting it into her. Please just post that use with caution. I wouldn't want anyone else to be hurt like this. Thank you.

This information seems contradictory.

Does this doctor ever do cervical exams during pregnancy? Do they recommend no sexual intercourse during pregnancy? If sexual intercourse is OK, do they suggest using condoms so that semen isn't put into the vagina? Semen is much more powerful than evening primrose oil, although they contain some of the same active ingredients.

All of those involve inserting something into the vagina.

Obviously, anything inserted into the vagina should be clean and not harmful to the tissues, but evening primrose oil is less likely to cause infection than a penis.


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