Friday, May 21, 2010

I always hear about the benefits of Evening Primrose oil , i am 28 do i need to take it ?

talk to your family doctor

I always hear about the benefits of Evening Primrose oil , i am 28 do i need to take it ?
Evening Primrose Oil is for women of all ages but mainly for women over the age of 45. Everyone talks about soy being good for women but it only has 3 of the omega fatty acids. Evening Primrose Oil has all of the omega fatty acids that a woman needs. It can also make your hair and nails stronger.
Reply:Never heard of this.
Reply:It depends on the individual. I was recommended Evening Primrose a few years ago from a friend and take it regulary.

If you suffer from pre-menstrual tension (including tenderness/soreness of breasts) like me its a great natural remedy. Its also proven to be good for treating arthritus and pains in joints and generally to keep you calm.

I would say if you suffer from any of the above than consider taking it.
Reply:Evening Primrose oil is a good source of GLA, although if you were to take an oil, borage seed oil has a higher concentration of this Omega 6 oil, which does have health benefits.

Or, if you're just going to take one thing, perhaps a good omega 3 fish oil.

There are a lot of good supplements worthy of taking out there. Consider meeting with a nutritionist and discussing what really makes sense for your needs.
Reply:I think that is for any chemical imbalances in your body but not sure I know my aunt takes is and has not done anything bad to her
Reply:Are you pregnant? I heard of people using this to stretch their thingy out before giving birth. Other then that I don't know what's its good for.

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