Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evening Primrose Oil Vaginally?

How do I go about taking Evening primrose oil? My Dr. said this is fine but I didnt ask how I should take it...I have heard of using it vaginally and oraly I just dont know the best way.Can you help me out? I have already lost my mucus plug and am having irregular contractions I just need a boost, THANK YOU!

Evening Primrose Oil Vaginally?
Evening Primrose Oil is used to soften the cervix... you can take 3 orally and 2 vaginally every day. To use vaginally, you just place 2 in the vagina right before bed (you can pierce them if you like, but they're supposed to just disolve in there) and right before bed so they stay put and don't slide out. They should be gone by morning. You can do this everyday until you give birth.

Good luck, and I'm glad you're exploring this option!

Reply:You will definitely benefit the most from inserting the primrose oil pills vaginally, especially since things are already starting to happen for you! Best of luck!

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