Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What dose primrose oil capules do for dementia?

This is the deal; many elderly and poor have inadequate diets and often cut out almost all fat in an attempt to lower cholesterol or take meds or simply cannot afford a proper food plan. In the process they eliminate healthy fats as well as unhealthy ones...too little fat in anyone's diet leads to depression, memory loss, feeling cold and a whole host of issues...therefore taking proper oils into the body by way of a capsule is one solution(if you can afford it) Evening primrose oil is a healthy fat it is a qualified essential fatty acid(EFA)...

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please be aware that if an actual diagnosis of dementia has been made that the sooner one begins taking meds(aricept is just one) the sooner the deterioration will be cannot get back what is lost(No matter what the commercials say) you can only hope to slow progress of the disease...

What dose primrose oil capules do for dementia?
Evening Primrose Oil contains naturally occuring Gamma Linoleic Acd (GLA). GLA is an Omega-6 fatty acid found in Evening Primrose. Although the body can manufacture GLA from dietary linoleic acid, it can be more effeciently utilized for body functions when supplied directly by these dietary sources.Evening Primrose Oil is an oil rich in essential fatty acids polyunsaturated fats that are as essential as vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of good health. Evening Primrose Oil provides your body with a rich source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an omega 6 fatty acid that supports the body''''s cardiovascular, nervous, immune and reproductive systems. Presents a wide range of quality Evening Pimrose Oil Supplements Of Top Brands On Special Disounted Price.

Evening Primrose Oil:

Evening Primrose Oil Articfle :
Reply:nothing according to the FDA
Reply:Nothing. It has been suggested for sore breasts, though! Save your money!

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