Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evening Primrose Oil for itchy dogs?

My dog has skin allergies and itches a lot. I heard that evening primrose oil will help stop her itching. Has anyone tried this? How much is a safe amount to give a 20lb dog?

Evening Primrose Oil for itchy dogs?
Your problem comes from the inside out. Your dog needs omega 3 fatty acids! Feed any cold water fish oil or just give her a sardine every couple of days. You'll be amazed!
Reply:Even better - and I know this sounds very odd - is fresh aloe vera mixed with grape-seed oil. You cut open a fresh aloe stem and scoop out the juice and pulp, then mix in equal parts grape-seed. Coat the doggie in it, then rinse off. Leave on for 30 minutes or less the first time, just to ensure the dog doesn't have a reaction. Once I realized my dog could handle this mix, I eventually left it on overnight. The grape-seed is available at any health food store; ask an employee which brand is the most pure/best. Let me know if you have any other questions, and good luck!
Reply:That's a new one. I've only used tea tree oil, with excellent results.
Reply:Never heard of that.My german shepherds are both inside dogs and especially in winter spend alot of time scratching due to dry skin.I give them 1000mg.Fish Oil twice a day and it's stopped.I also know of others who have mixed a tablespoon of olive oil in food with good result and salmon oil.But all should be given by weight to be effective.

Every dog I know who is on anything for this is bigger than yours so call your vet and ask for dosage.They'll tell you over the phone.
Reply:I have not tried Evening Primrose Oil, but have given Benadryl. Here's a site with the dosage by weight.
Reply:i dont think i would give it to my dog the dr told me to take it because i get lumps in my breats i take 3000 mg of evening primrose and it has helped my lumps but not my itching i know i am not a dog but i just dont think that this is going to help try putting a tsp of veg. oil or olive oil in your dogs food this should help

good luck hope i helped

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