Sunday, May 16, 2010

Has any pregnant women taken Evening Primrose oil?

My doctor told me to take this so my cervix will thin quicker, has anyone else ever tried this?

Has any pregnant women taken Evening Primrose oil?
I took Evening Primrose oil towards the end of my last pregnancy. It was recommended to me by my midwife as a way to help smooth and heal any scar tissue on my uterus due to a previous cesarean. I honestly can't say if it made a difference or not, but I have been assured from several sources that it is safe so it won't hurt anything.

As for my cervix, I went from 1cm up to 8/9cms in about 3-4 hours, as my first vaginal birth. But then I got stuck at 8/9cms for 12 hours before I finally opened up and baby came. (I believe part of it was fear-based.)

Just wanted to let you know where my history is with it.

Good luck! (Take the EP oil, and go natural!!) :)
Reply:no i haven't heard of it til now... maybe do your homework and research it online... maybe that will help you feel re-assured

good luck
Reply:I didn't try it, but my hypnobirth teacher said to prick the ends of 2 capsules, insert them into the vagina at bedtime. I've heard it works.
Reply:I took it with my last. I was 40wks and going no where, so I took it both orally and breaking open teh capsule and rubbing it on my cervix and within 24hrs I went into labor. It was the strangest labor I ever had, not complicated, but really weak and long lasting contractions. It does work, but it totally slowed my labor I think.

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