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I've been advised to rub primrose oil on cervix to soften... but how can i find/know where my cervix is? Do u?

I've been told that at 36-38 weeks you can start to rub primrose oil on your cervix to soften - they say this helps with labor/delivery... I do not know where my cervix is nor where to find it... can anyone help?? Please be specific - I'm serious... I'm not trying to be nasty/gross... I really need help. How do I know what/where my cervix is? Thanks in advance!

I've been advised to rub primrose oil on cervix to soften... but how can i find/know where my cervix is? Do u?
Hi! I have taken evening primrose oil orally to soften the cervix to prepare for labour but have never heard of putting it directly on your cervix. I would be careful of introducing something like that into your vagina that might not be least check with your caregiver first. i think this is more popular among the midwife/homebirth crowd.
Reply:Simpl introduce your finger and at the end, you will get to a point where you will touch something, you migt feel a little hole, there you have to rub the oil, I hope I helped, good luck ;D
Reply:i did that and it did nothing.. i ended up having to be induced. I actually found an article about it saying that it can cause you not to go into labor on your own... but if you've been advised to then... your cervix is up inside your vagina.. reach up with your pointer and middle finger facing up...feel around and it should feel like a hard nubby.

you can feel up that far. your dr will feel your cervix after 36 weeks to feel if it is softening or dilating.
Reply:I can't be sure, but I'm thinking you've misunderstood somehow.

It would be nearly impossible for you to rub anything on your own cervix. That's what they check when they do those really invasive pelvic exam.

I mean, I suppose you could get your partner to rub something on your cervix.....................................
Reply:Did your doctor recommend this? If so, ask him/her. If not...why are you taking advice from other people. Do you know if primrose is harmful to the baby? or to you?
Reply:Well if you are 36-38 weeks pregnant odds are you cannot reach your cervix.. even un pregnant people cannot usually reach that far up inside...

Your cervix is the opening that leads to your uterus.. so it is in there a ways..

I have never heard of that, but wish I had... maybe it would have aided in the delivery of mine.

My guess, have your husband/boyfriend do it for you.. he will have easier access..

Oh, I found a diagram for you...

hope that helps...

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