Sunday, May 16, 2010

What does evening primrose Oil do?

I heard its something to do with Hormones?

and is it good for a 15 year old to take them?

what are the effects?


What does evening primrose Oil do?
Evening Primrose Oil is supposed to help balance your hormones. It is supposed to help with breast pain.

Other uses is that it is good for your skin so has been prescribed for Eczema sufferers.

You need to take 1000 mg a day for hormone balance tho.
Reply:Yep, is good and i like the smell as-well
Reply:I was prescribed them by my GP for breast pain. It adjusts hormone levels.

Seek advice before taking.
Reply:good for woman inside and out helped, my hair,skin and nails till stopped, then skin broke out
Reply:I've heard it helps with PMS symptoms and possibly cramps.

I haven't heard of any side effects but perhaps you should ask a doc before taking it.
Reply:I was banned from selling "Quack" medicines, so have been adviced not to answer this question. Adjusts hormone levels.

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